Bake Off Challenge

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and take on the ultimate British Bake Off team building activity? During this hands-on baking challenge, teams will be tasked with creating FOUR mouth-watering bakes under the watchful eye of our very own version of Paul Hollywood!

The Ultimate Bake Off Team Building Challenge

After transforming your meeting room or event space into your very own ‘bake off kitchen’, guests are welcomed by a team of professional chefs and baking superstars who will lead you and your team through the event. As guests look around the room and see the mobile cooking stations, commercial ovens, amazing ingredients, pots, pans, utensils, and even a kitchen sink, the penny drops!

Your head chef will take centre stage and lay down the challenge that the teams will face:

Create four mouth-watering bakes in the allotted time and present them to the panel of judges (our chefs). Bakes will be scored on appearance, presentation, and taste!

After a short demonstration by your head chef, it’s time for the teams to make, bake, and decorate their various creations! Each team of 8-10 people will be allocated their own cooking station, complete with all the equipment they could possibly need including pots, pans, mixers, bowls, utensils, and the precious recipes for their bakes. Teams will also be provided with chef’s hats and colour coordinated aprons to match their cooking stations.

A team of expert chefs will be on hand throughout your bake off team building activity to offer advice, answer questions, and provide guidance as teams begin to mix, make, and bake. There will be lots of ingredients available to use and we always encourage teams to get creative with their bakes.

Soggy bottom or Hollywood handshake?

As the clock counts down, teams will need perfect their bakes ready to present to the judges. There is lots to do and so it’s vital that teams work together to ensure they complete all their bakes on time. Be warned, penalties will be given for undercooked cake or split custards!

Once all teams have presented their bakes to the judges for scoring, the results will be announced, and the winning team presented with their medals (and eternal glory)!

Will your team earn a coveted ‘Hollywood Handshake’? Do you have the skills to be crowned ‘Star Baker’? Or will soggy bottoms prevail and send you and your team packing? There is only one way to find out!

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