Chocolatiers Apprentice

During this amazing chocolate making team building activity, you will enter the world of a professional Chocolatier as you take on the challenge of making your very own box of chocolates from scratch!

The challenge facing the teams is simple:

“Create, package, and pitch your very own box of mouth-wateringly sumptuous chocolates and truffles”

As the challenge suggests, not only will teams be expected to create their very own box of signature chocolates, but they will also need to package them, and create an airtight pitch to our team of judges, convincing them that their choccies are the next big thing!

The ultimate chocolate making team building activity

During this amazing chocolate making team building activity, participants will learn how to make mouth-watering truffles, chocolate lollipops, and giant chocolate buttons, as well as being taught how to temper, flavour, and ‘finish’ their chocolates.  There will be a whole host of flavours, coatings, colours, and even a touch of alcohol for teams to use, allowing them to get creative and WOW the judges with their signature chocolates creations!

Naturally, there will be lots of tuition along the way and your master chocolatier and head chef will be on hand throughout this hands-on chocolate making team building activity to answer any questions and give lots of helpful tips and guidance.  They will also give a fascinating insight into how chocolate is made into the sumptuous bars we all know and love from the humble cocoa pod!

Creating the most amazing hand-made chocolates is only part of the challenge facing teams during this event. Once the chocolates are complete, teams will need to package them up before creating the perfect pitch which they can deliver to the judges.

Once teams have completed their chocolatey challenge and all the pitches are complete, the finished products will be judged on a variety of different criteria including presentation, sales pitch, and of course – taste!

In summary, the Chocolatiers Apprentice is the ultimate, hands-on chocolate making team building activity! It’s fast, fun, and packed full of chocolatey goodness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this activity run?

This team building activity event can be run anywhere in the UK and simply requires a single room, large enough to accommodate everybody taking part (around 3 square metres per person is ideal).

All the specialist equipment, utensils, ingredients, and sundries are included in this event and so there is no need for a kitchen or specialist venue.

How many people can take part in this activity?

This chocolate making team building activity is suitable for any number of participants from 8 – 200. We would usually split the group into teams of 8-10 people so that everyone has plenty to do.

How long does activity last?

The Chocolatiers Apprentice is very flexible in terms of running times and can run for anything from 1-3 hours depending upon how much time you have available in your schedule.

Can you cater for those with special dietary requirements?

Yes absolutely. We are always happy to cater for those with allergies, intolerances, or any other special dietary requirements. Please let us know what dietary requirements your group has, and we will make sure everyone is suitably accommodated so that they can enjoy the event.

What happens to all the chocolates at the end of the activity?

All the chocolates that the teams make during this event are theirs to keep and enjoy at home or back in the office. We always make sure there are plenty of chocolates for everyone to enjoy and take away with them!

How much time do you need to set up and clear away?

We would usually as for a minimum of 1 hour before your required ‘start time’ to set up for this activity and a further 1 hour to clear down at the end.

Do you have public liability insurance and risk assessments for this activity?

We certainly do. We are happy to provide a copy of our public liability insurance as well as risk assessments and PAT certificates as required.

For more information or to get a quote for this activity, please contact a member of our team using the form below or by calling us on 01483 757 692.