Tasty Tapas

Tasty Tapas is the latest in cookery team building, it’s fun, creative and individuals learn new skills while working as a team!  Translated literally, Tapa means lid and were pieces of bread used to cover wine glasses to deter fruit flies.  Over time olives and cold meats were added to the bread creating delicious dishes.

Tasty Tapas begins with an introduction and a short talk on knife skills from our expert chefs followed by a demonstration where they will make 3 to 5 different types of classic tapas dishes!  This may include dishes such as  Tortilla española (a classic spiced Spanish omelette) , Croquetas (Bechamel or paella balls flavoured with ham or shrimp tossed in breadcrumbs and fried), or Jamon Serrano (air dried ham, pickles and salad) to name a few.

After this, it’s over to the participants as they take control and create their delicious Tapas!  Teams will be judged on creativity and value with the winning team being awarded the coveted Master Chef medals!

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