Chocolatiers Apprentice

The Chocolatiers Apprentice is the ultimate chocolate team building activity!  It’s fast, fun, and packed full of chocolatey goodness!

During this amazing chocolate team building event you will enter the world of a professional Chocolatier as you take on the challenge of making your very own box of chocolates!  Once you have been welcomed to what will be your “factory”, our head chef and Chocolatier will lay down your teams challenge:

“Design, create, package, and market your very own box of mouth wateringly sumptuous chocolates and truffles”

Naturally there will be lots of tuition along the way, and participants will learn how to temper chocolate, model marzipan, coat their chocolates, and even make flavoured centres, using a whole host of flavours, coatings, colours, and alcohol!  Once teams have completed their chocolate team building challenge, the finished products will be judged on a variety of different criteria including presentation, sales pitch, market appeal, and of course taste!

The Chocolatier is suitable for any number of participants and simply requires a single room, large enough to accommodate everybody taking part.  This chocolate team building activity appeals to a broad range of people, lasts for approximately 3 hours, and is a fantastic activity if you are looking to motivate and reward staff, develop team unity, and promote creativity.

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