Team Building Activities

Cringeworthy Awkward Awesome Team Building Activities!

First and foremost team building activities are meant to be fun!  They shouldn’t be cringe worthy, awkward, embarrassing, or boring, so that’s what we focus on.  For companies wanting to liven up their next event, get a new department working together like a finely tuned machine, and also have some fun, one of our awesome team building activities is just the ticket.

Whether you are looking for activities that can be to run indoors as part of a meeting or conference or an outdoor event that will get your team out in the fresh air, we have plenty of ideas.  Challenge your team to one of the hands on cookery team building activities like the British Bake Off!  Put their wits to the test with the ever popular Crystal Maze!  Get them exploring with an interactive GPS treasure hunt around your chosen City!

The team building activities we offer are completely mobile and can be run at any venue in the UK.  If you already have a venue in mind for your next team building activity, we are happy to work with them in the run up to your event to ensure everything is taken care of.  If you don’t yet have a venue booked, our team would be happy to help you find one.  Take a look at some of our great team building and away day venues!

We know that each team is different and there are lots of different options available!  Our team are happy to offer guidance when it comes to choosing the perfect team building activities for your event.  Activities include all of the necessary equipment as well as experienced staff to run your event from start to finish.  Our fun team building activities start at just £1245 + VAT for a group of 10 people.

Indoor Team Building Activities

Indoor team building activities are a great option if you don't want to venture outside, and can easily be run either on their own, or as part of your next meeting or conference!

Outdoor Team Building Activities

When it comes to team building, you can't quite beat being outdoors in the fresh air - that's what we think anyway! We have lots of fantastic outdoor team building activities to choose from.

Cookery Team Building Activities

We have a HUGE selection of cookery team building activities which are run by professional chefs, and include all of the required equipment, utensils, and ingredients!

GPS Treasure Hunts

A GPS treasure hunt is a great option if you are looking to get out and about with your team, and are one of our most popular team building activities.

Musical Team Building Activities

These musical team building activities are led by talented musicians are the perfect way to inject a little rhythm in to your next event - no musical talent required!

Christmas Team Building Activities

These fantastic Christmas team building activities are festive favourites and the perfect way to get your team in the Christmas mood!