Den of Dragons

Do you think you and your team have the entrepreneurial know-how to squeeze the all important backing finance out of our fierce and foreboding dragons?!

This Dragons Den teambuilding challenge is inspired by the highly successful TV show.  The event is a brilliant way to test team work in a fun and unique environment, create your brilliant ‘Idea’, and get your brains ticking.

At the start of the event all teams enter the ‘Dragons Lair’ where our host greets them in the traditional style as seen on the TV.  The dragons (who can either be our in house dragons or a mixture of your staff and our team) are then introduced.

Each team is then given the brief and rules of the challenge.  The theme of their business and ‘entrepreneurial’ pitch can either be an innovative invention or services, or we can link it directly to your business, product, service or future visions.  With the assistance of our experts, you will have the chance to earn money to purchase essential props and materials at the business superstore.

Once you have your winning idea it’s off to the intimidating ‘Dragons Counsel’ to face the business tycoons. Finally it’s your turn to shine in the ‘Pitch’, which must include your watertight budget plans and a well researched design.

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