Rat Trap

Based around the classic board game Mouse Trap, Rat Trap is a fantastic event that requires everyone to complete their task in order for the giant mechanism to work, and ultimately TRAP THE RAT!

Once everyone has arrived our lively facilitator explains the object of the exercise which as you have no doubt guessed is to create a chain reaction of structures that leads to the Rat being trapped!

Depending on the time you allocate to your event, your group will either be given or will have to retrieve their instructions and their kit.  Teams retrieve their instructions by building an extra model, each in the shape of a crane. Instructions, when you’ve got hold of them, are in the form of pictures and photographs.

Working together, teams use every skill they’ve got to build their structure. Some people work best looking at the pictures and working out how the pieces fit together.  Other members of your team work best with their hands by actually building the physical structure, whilst others will need to use their flair to dress up your structure.

Meanwhile other members of your team will need to be working out how your structure fits together with other structures that are being built by the other teams around you.  Each structure has a definite trigger mechanism to set off another team’s structure.  When all your structures are built, you need to align them so that once the first is triggered it creates a ‘chain reaction’ that will ultimately set off the Rat Trap to catch the rat.  Your group will only succeed if you’ve been able to plan, communicate and work together.

Rat Trap can last between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending upon how much time you have available, and is suitable for between 12 and 128 people!

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