The Apprentice Challenge

The ultimate Apprentice team building challenge!

If you are looking for an event that will put your team to the test in true Apprentice style, then The Apprentice Challenge is the perfect choice! 

Our very own Sir Alan will lay down the ultimate challenge before bringing everyone back to the boardroom to see who will be fired, and who will be hired!

Do you think you and your colleagues have what it takes to beat the world’s most belligerent boss?!

This ‘Apprentice Challenge’ has been specifically designed to bring out all the core business attributes in you and your group, including leadership, delegation, commercial awareness & above all, team work! Throughout the event, you and your team will be set two challenging and fun business tasks from the list below.

Gift Of The Gab – Armed with a list of items and a shoe-string budget teams will embark on a bartering mission.

Shopping Channel Showdown – Have you ever thought QVC presenters have an easy job? Now is your chance.

On The Box – You will be given just 45 minutes to make 30 second advert for your chosen product.

Workout Motivator – Zumba, Military fitness and endless other fads have hit in the exercise world, what’s next?

Once completed, Lord Alan will consult his experts and declare one of the teams the winners, who will receive a lavish 15 minute treat! The other teams however are hauled into the boardroom to fight it out in the effort not to hear the immortal phrase: “You’re fired!”

Are you prepared to go the extra mile for Sir Alan?  We are waiting to find out!

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