Let us find the perfect venue for your event!

The first step in organising an unforgettable event is finding a great venue that has all of the facilities you need and your delegates will love.  Our free venue finding service lets you take advantage of our first hand experience of event venues throughout the UK and abroad.  We are here to help you find the perfect place for your conference, meeting, away day, client event, or training session.

With so many great (and not so great) venues to choose from, finding the perfect venue for your event can be a time consuming and frustrating task – especially when you have a mountain of other responsibilities to take care of as well!  Whether you need a venue for a single day, or an entire week, 100 delegates or 1000 – we are able to find the perfect venue for you completely free of charge.

We know that one size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to venue finding.   Our first step will be finding out a little more about your event, your attendees, what facilities you may need, and how your event will run.   Armed with this information, we can narrow down the list of contenders and provide you with a selection of great venues that we think would work brilliantly!

Contact a member of our team and let us find the ideal venue for your next event!