The Apprentice: How not to do teamwork!

I have been trying to write a blog post about the latest series of The Apprentice for quite a while now, but I just keep putting it off. Of course, in order to write a detailed post about The Apprentice, I need to have actually watched the current series and understand the candidates but I just haven’t had the opportunity of late and have found myself completely behind.

Recent Team Building Event – Beat The Clock!

When we were approached and asked to provide a high energy team building activity for one of the Worlds leading mobile communications companies, we had lots of ideas that we thought would be perfect!

University of Hertfordshire Trap the Rat!

We were recently approached by Kerry Reid from the Marketing and Communications team at The University of Hertfordshire, who was looking for a 2 hour team building activity to run as part of their away day in around two weeks’ time. Here is how they got on!