Client Entertainment Ideas in London – All Aboard the British Pullman!

Guests arriving at the British Pullman and being shown aboard.When it comes to client entertainment we are always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas.  We recently had the opportunity to board the iconic British Pullman train (sister train to the Orient Express) and experience what it had to offer.

A little background…

As we have already mentioned, the British Pullman is the sister train to the infamous Orient Express and it is made up of vintage carriages that were designed and built by the father of luxury train travel, George Mortimer Pullman.  Carriages built by Mr Pullman were considered to be the ‘ultimate’ when it came to luxury train travel.

All of the luxurious carriages that now make up the British Pullman were at one time used on iconic rail services such as the Brighton Belle and Golden Arrow and all have their own rich history and exquisite art deco design.   Today the British Pullman allows guests to experience the indulgence of luxury train travel and runs a variety of journeys combining gourmet food with some of the most beautiful scenery in the England.

The journey…

The British Pullman operates a variety of different journeys throughout the year, all of which start and finish from London Victoria station making it an ideal option for client entertainment in London.  The standard ‘Golden Age of Travel’ journey is a great option and takes in the stunning scenery of the Kent countryside during a 5 hour round trip.

If you are looking for a real gourmet experience there are also a number of journeys which feature celebrity guest chefs such as James Martin and Tom Kerridge.  Steam powered journeys are also run at certain times if you want a truly authentic experience.

The british pullman

The experience…

Upon arrival at London Victoria guests are invited to make their way to the dedicated lounge where they can ‘check-in’.  As you would expect the lounge is designed to be in keeping with the carriages themselves and provides the perfect place to meet clients and guests prior to boarding the train.

As you exit the lounge and make your way to the platform, you are greeted by the impressive British Pullman.  You are directed to your carriage where a steward, immaculately dressed in his/her white livery, awaits your group and welcomes you on board.

As soon as you step on board the luxurious surroundings are striking.  Each spacious and beautifully decorated carriage has been returned to its former glory and is adorned with incredible furnishings and intricate marquetry.   Each carriage has its own unique story to tell (be sure to ask the stewards) and tables are set with crisp white linen, specially commissioned china, and ornate glassware.

Luxurios carrige interior aboard the British Pullman

Once comfortably seated in your carriage, champagne and canapes are served as the remaining guest’s board the train and final preparations are made prior to your departure.

The main focus of the journey is without a doubt the food.  A stunning five course gourmet lunch is served throughout your journey, all of which is expertly presented by a team of attentive stewards.

The stewards (some of whom have worked aboard the British Pullman for over 20 years) will ensure you and your guests are well looked after from start to finish and are able to offer some fascinating insights in to the life and history of the carriages and the train, as well as regale some superb stories of famous guests who have experienced the British Pullman.

From start to finish the journey lasts for around 5 hours which may seem like a long time, but goes by in a heartbeat.  Make sure you take the opportunity to walk through the train and explore the different carriages – each one is totally unique.

Options for client entertainment

There are some great options for client entertainment aboard the British Pullman depending upon how many guests you are looking to host.  For smaller numbers tables of 2, 3 can be booked in one of the carriages and there are also a few private ‘coupe suites’ which accommodate up to 4 guests.  If you are looking for a client entertainment option for a larger number of people, a half carriage, whole carriage (or multiple carriages), or even the entire train can hired for you and your geusts.

For more information or to discuss the different options available for client entertainment aboard the British Pullman, please contact a member of the team.

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