Conference Planning: Be Seen and heard! The Importance of effective AV at your next conference or event!

When you are planning a conference, the Audio Visual (AV) setup will likely be a major consideration. It’s what will ensure your delegates can see and hear what you have to say and so it’s important to get it right.

For this blog post we have broken ‘Audio Visual’ down in to sound, light, and visual which are what we would consider the three key areas to initially focus on.


Let’s start with sound. At any event, whether it is for 10 people or 10,000 it is critical that your audience can hear what you have to say. For smaller events of up to 30 people this may not pose such a problem, but once the number of delegates and size of meeting space starts to increase, it’s certainly something that needs to be considered.

As with all things, the final solution will depend on a variety of variables such as the size of your audience, the size and shape of the room, how many people will be speaking at one time, and what media you will be playing during the event for example.

When it comes to microphones, consider how your event will run from a practical point of view and how you will manage the different speaker/presenters. Will there be several speakers presenting at the same time or one after another? Will they be using hand held microphones or would ‘clip on’ lapel microphones be more suitable? Maybe a single microphone on a lectern would be sufficient? Will you need some hand held microphones for the audience (to use for Q&A sessions for example)?


Lighting is often overlooked is another really important element of any conference or event. As well as ensuring everyone can see the speakers/presenters, effective lighting can also help to create your desired atmosphere, highlight certain elements of your conference set, or used to reinforce your brand colours.

Lighting is also a cost-effective way to liven up a boring or dull event space and uplighters can easily be placed around the edges of a room to add a ‘wash’ of colour. Gobos can also be used on fixed or moving lights to shine your company logo or other patterns/shapes onto walls and/or ceilings.


Arguably the most important element of the AV setup at your next conference will be visual. This element is all about ensuring your audience can see what you want them too.

There are lots of options available when it comes to visual and as with sound, there are several factors that will determine the best solution. The size and shape of the room will again need to be considered, as well as the number of delegates and intended layout of your conference room.

Depending on the shape of the room, a mixture of projection and repeater screens will work well and ensure that all guests can see what is happening. If the room is particularly wide, twin projection screens might be a good option and provides a central area for speaker to present from without obscuring the view for the delegates.

When planning the visual setup for your next conference or event, consider what delegates will be able to see from where. Will people sat right at the back of the room be able to see a screen (whether it’s a main projection screen or a plasma repeater). Are there any obstructions in the room such as pillars which will obstruct the view? Will video or other media content be displayed, or will it just be presentation slides?


There are a whole host of different options available for sound, light, and visual setups, each of which will be affected but various elements. Always look at the space you are working with from the perspective of your delegates and presenters and ensure you understand their needs.

A well thought out Audio Visual setup will enhance your presentations and ensure that all your delegates can see and hear the presenters and media content, regardless of where they are sitting.

A conference management company will be able to advise on audio visual options and assist you in creating a solution that fits in with your budget and objectives for the event.

White Rhino are a event management company based in Surrey and specialise in conference planning, team building activities, corporate away days, venue finding, and corporate hospitality.

If you would like some help or advice planning your next event, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the White Rhino team.


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