A group wearing rubber gloves and taking part in a clap happy ice breaker and energiser activity

Conference ice breakers and energisers do exactly that.  They help break the ice between delegates, and they energise the room!

We are able to run conference ice breakers and energisers at pretty much any point during your next event.  There are, however, certain times when they work best.  The most popular times are either right at the start of your event or straight after lunch.  In our opinion, running one of these activities straight after lunch is perfect and the ideal way to overcome that afternoon slump (when everyone has overindulged during lunch)!

The whole idea of ice breakers and energisers is to get people moving, get the blood flowing, raise the energy levels in the room.  By doing this, delegates are much more receptive to the content being delivered and are generally more engaged with speakers.  Unlike standard team building activities, these activities are typically quite short in duration.  We can, of course, alter the running time to fit in with your schedule.  Events can last from as little as 15 minutes to as long as 1 hour.  It’s entirely up to you.  Typically an event will last for around 30 minutes from start to finish.  Furthermore, these short, sharp activities are quick to set up and clear down, and as a result, don’t disrupt your event or your guests.

As well as adding an interactive element to your event, these activities are a brilliant way to keep your delegates engaged.  We use professional and dynamic event staff to run each activity. They will be in charge of leading your event and ensuring everything runs smoothly. There are lots of options available and we are often able to provide an activity that will reflect the key message of your event.  Liven up your next event with one fo these conference ice breakers and energisers.