A group of people wearing paper chefs hats and taking part in a cookery team building activity

White Rhino has the largest selection of cookery team building activities and corporate cookery classes in the UK. 

The sky really is the limit when it comes to cookery team building activities.  Choose to cook your own three-course meal with our Strictly Come Dining event, let your teams’ creativity take centre stage with the Chocolatiers Apprentice, bake your way to victory with the ever-popular Big Bake, or try your hand at molecular gastronomy with the memorable Molecular Masterclass – it is entirely up to you! The only limit is your imagination.

Get ready for a hands-on cokery experience like no other!  Boasting a fully equipped ‘pop up kitchen’, each cookery team building activity is fully mobile.  Teams will be provided with all of the utensils, appliances, and equipment they could need.  Furthermore, professional chefs run each event, providing lots of helpful hints, tips, and tricks of the trade to ensure participants get the most from the day.

As well as being great fun, cookery events are also very flexible and can last from 90 minutes to 3 hours.  All of these activities are entirely hands-on and are, therefore, extremely engaging.

All of the cookery team building activities we offer and wholly self-contained and don’t require access to any special facilities.   Consequently, all that is needed is a conference or meeting room large enough for your chosen activity. Our team provides everything else as part of your event – we even bring a little kitchen sink!

Wherever possible, we will happily tailor your event to reflect any key messages you wish to communicate or your brand.  Similarly, we are happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements or allergies your group may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team if you would like to discuss a cookery event – we would love to help!