Cool Corporate Hospitality – The Ice Bar in London

When it comes to corporate hospitality and entertaining clients, major sporting events such as Royal Ascot and Wimbledon certainly have their place, but what can you do if you are looking for something a little different, or you don’t think your clients would really enjoy a sporting event?

Ice Bar

Whatever you choose to do, it has to be memorable

You want your clients to remember the event, talk about it with their colleagues and friends, and in turn, associate it with your business.  The most memorable events are those that provide the attendees with an experience – something they haven’t done before, or wouldn’t usually think of doing.

We recently visited the Ice Bar in London to have a look around and see what they have to offer when it comes to entertaining clients.

The Ice Bar in London is created every year by the same team that build the incredible Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland – the ice is even flown over from Sweden to guarantee its quality and purity!  As you would expect, the Ice Bar itself is created entirely from ice and is housed in what is essentially a giant freezer (although it doesn’t look like it), and is kept at a rather chilly -5°c.  The inside is decorated with incredible ice sculptures as well as intricate wall carvings, but the main feature is of course the bar.  Drinks from the Ice Bar are even served in (you guessed it) glasses made out of ice!

As well as the sub-zero Ice Bar, there are also a variety of other, slightly warmer event spaces available allowing you to combine a visit to the Ice Bar with food and drink in a nice cosy private room.  This makes the Ice Bar a great option for entertaining valued clients or channel partners without the fear of people getting too cold.

Ice Bar 2

There are various food and drink options available, but there are also a whole host of other additional elements that can be added to your event to make the experience that little bit more memorable.  Maybe a few huskies greeting people as they enter the venue or even mingling with your guests in the Ice Bar itself.

A fantastic experience at the Ice Bar could start the second your guests arrive at the private entrance as they are greeted by two beautiful (and very tame) huskies, and are directed to your private room, beautifully decorated in a modern Swedish style.  Some cocktails (served with giant ice cubes, of course) along with some sumptuous canapés, and maybe an ice carving demonstration from a professional ice sculptor will create a nice warm (ahem) welcome for your guests.

When everyone has arrived, you can lead them into the Ice Bar (decked out in warm capes and gloves!), where they can explore the amazing ice sculptures, enjoy a cocktail served in an Ice Glass, and mingle with the huskies that greeted them at the entrance, before heading back to the private room for some warming food and maybe even have a go at ice carving themselves.

This venue guarantees a very memorable experience.

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