25 Corporate Team Building Event Ideas That Won’t Make You Cringe!

If you are looking for some unique, fun, and engaging ideas for your next corporate team building event, you are in the right place!

Let me guess. Your team has tasked you with organising a corporate team building event for your company, team, or department? The pressure is on for you to make it the best event yet, so you are looking for some great ideas that your colleagues won’t hate. Am I right?

We feel your pain. Corporate team building events can evoke a variety of reactions from people; from excitement and positivity to apprehension and full-on hostility. More often than not, these reactions are due to either positive or negative past experiences of corporate team building events. So it’s even more vital for you to choose the right activity.

We are here to make your job easier and have put together a list of 25 amazing corporate team building activities ideas for you to consider. These tried and tested events are delivered by a professional and experienced event team and are guaranteed to hit the spot with your team!

To make this definitive list of corporate team building event ideas easy to navigate, we have split it into three sections:

Top 5 Team Building Event Ideas
Indoor Team Building Event Ideas
Outdoor Team Building Event Ideas

Top 5 Team Building Event Ideas

1. The Big Bake

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and don your chef’s hat! This fantastic, hand-on baking team building event challenges you and your team to create four mouth-watering bakes from scratch. As well as a team of chefs, we also provide all the equipment and ingredients you will need to cook up an absolute storm. Will your bakes impress our judges or will they be found wanting? Read more…

Two men measuring out ingrediants during a Big bake corporate team building event

2. Escape the Room

During this mobile escape room activity, you and your team will attempt to escape from up to four mysteriously cunning and challenging rooms. Only by unravelling and deciphering a string of interlinked clues will you be successful and earn your freedom! Do you and your colleague shave what it takes to escape the room? Read more…

3. Crystal Challenge

Based on the famous Crystal Maze TV programme, the Crystal Challenge is a classic corporate team building event that pits teams against a series of head to head challenges. Our team will award teams crystals depending upon how successful they are at completing each task. At the end of the activity, we exchange crystals for time within the Crystal Dome, where the team need to collect as many gold tokens as possible. The team with the most gold tickets is declared the winner! Read more…

4. The Qube

Can you handle the pressure of ‘The Qube’? As you step into under the lights, all eyes upon you. Your team will need to complete a variety of tasks against the clock in return for much-needed points. Challenges that seem simple enough, all of a sudden become complex undertakings as soon as you enter the Qube. It sounds straight forward, but it is anything but! Read more…

5. Whacky Races

Using a robust, pedal-powered base kart, teams will need to design, build, and then race their very own racing car. However, before the teams can constructing their racing machines, they will first need to make a seamless (and preferably humorous) sponsorship pitch to our judges. The best pitches will receive more money to spend on building materials which can be used to embellish their vehicles and make them stand out in the final, Grand Prix style races. Read more…

Indoor Team Building Event Ideas

6. CSI: Forensic Challenge

This complex team building challenge is all about the detail! A murder has been committed, and your team (who are now a crack team of forensic experts) have been called in to examine the crime scene. Using a range of genuine forensic techniques, you will need to gather and analyze the clues and evidence so that you can identify the murderer from a list of gnarly suspects. Read more…

7. Chocolatiers Apprentice

Perfect for all you chocolate lovers out there, the Chocolatiers Apprentice thrusts you into the World of a professional chocolatier. We invite you to design, create, and present your very own brand of hand-made gourmet chocolates to our panel of judges in a bid to secure much-needed start-up funds for your new chocolatey venture. Most importantly, all of the delicious chocolates you make are yours to take home or back to the office with you. Read more…

8. Challenge 100

With 100 varied tasks to complete, Challenge 100 a fast and furious activity and is perfect for small and large groups alike. From creative to physical, cerebral to skills-based, the massive choice of challenges on offer means that there is something to suit every participant. Teams earn money for each challenge they complete with the winning team being the one with the most money at the end of the event. Read more…

9. Rollercoaster

As the name suggests, your mission is to build a free-standing rollercoaster. It must be capable of transporting a ball from the start, all the way to the finish without falling off. We will split your group into several teams with each team being responsible for a different section of the rollercoaster. Communication and collaboration are the keys to success with this event. Teams must work together towards a common goal and ensure the finished rollercoaster works when they join all the sections together. Read more…

10. Den of Dragons

Teams must complete a series of business-based challenges during this brilliant Dragons Den team building event. Their ultimate aim, just like in the TV programme, is to secure much-needed funding from our panel of Dragons for their fledgeling business. However, there are lots of hoops to jump through and boxes to tick if they are going to be successful. Teams will need a unique idea, sound financials, and a watertight pitch to secure investment. Read more…

11. Art Attack

Get your paintbrushes at the ready – this arty activity challenges you and your team to recreate a famous work of art. To make your job a little more difficult/rewarding, we have split your chosen work of art into several sections. Each section will need to be recreated by a different team before all the parts are brought together at the end of the event to reveal the finished masterpiece in a grand (and rather satisfying) finale. Read more…

12. Trap the Rat

Collaboration at it’s finest. Trap the Rat is based on the famous board game, Mousetrap. After being split into several subgroups, each team will need to build a giant mechanical structure using the pieces provided and by following a series of instructions. Unfortunately, in our haste, we may have accidentally jumbled up some of the parts that the teams will need – I’m sure they will figure it out eventually. Once teams have completed all the structures and joined them together, the first structure is triggered. This cause a massive chain reaction resulting in one adorable, but very flat RAT.

13. Drum Beats

Looking for some corporate team building event ideas that will inject a little rhythm into your event? Drum Beats is a perfect choice. Within minutes, your facilitator will have everyone brandishing a drum and beating their very own tune. This high energy activity is a firm favourite and brilliant fun. Read more…

Thre people playing the drums during a drum beats team building event

14. Strictly Come Dining

Food, glorious food! Strictly Come Dining is the perfect way to add an interactive lunch or dinner to your next event. Participants are challenged to cook and serve their own three-course meal from scratch during this hands-on cookery team building activity. You can choose from a whole host of different cuisines, and we don’t even need access to a kitchen! Read more…

15 One Voice

Everyone can sing to get your vocal cords warmed up – it’s time for One Voice. This fantastic singing team building activity will have your group trilling in perfect harmony before you know it. Our team of incredible vocal coaches will guide you through the event from start to finish, ensuring everyone is having fun and is fully engaged. You will be amazed at how great you sound at the end!

Outdoor Team Building Event Ideas

16. It’s a Knockout

It’s all about silly fun with It’s a Knockout! Teams will take part in a series of crazy and whacky races and challenges, aiming to score as many points as possible during this event. If you’re looking for big laughs, inflatable fun, and lots of competition, look no further. Read more…

17. Country Capers

If variety is the spice of life, Country Capers is a seriously spicy team building activity! With this event, you can choose from a range of traditional (and not so classic) country pursuits to challenge your team. Fancy a bit of ferret racing? No problem. Maybe a spot of clay pigeon shooting and Segway riding? Easy! What about axe throwing or archery? Just say the word! Hopefully, you get the idea. We can build the perfect package for you and your team. Read more…

18. Solent or Thames RIB Adventure

Looking for a high octane and high adrenaline activity for your event? Try the Solent or Thames RIB Adventure. Your team will take to the water in a fleet of matching RIB’s to solve a series of clues and experience the incredible power, speed, and handling of these amazing boats! Read more…

19. Mission Impossible

Tackle a range of challenging command tasks in this tough outdoor team building activity. Teams are provided with pieces of information as they complete each task. At the end of the activity, teams will need to piece together the information they have collected and provide our team with the correct answer. Be warned; this event is seriously tough! Read more…

20. Urban Explorer

Using the latest GPS technology and armed with interactive tablets, teams will need to dash around your chosen town or city solving sports-related clues and completing various challenges. The more challenges they complete and clues they answer, the more points they get. And what do points mean? PRIZES!!!

21. The Italian Job

Looking for a high-end team building activity that your colleagues will talk about for years to come? The Italian Job is just that. Armed with their very own mini, and old school map (no GPS allowed), and a list of checkpoints and challenges, teams must navigate their way around the countryside gathering as much gold bullion as possible. Once they get back to base, we weigh the gold and see which team are the real criminal masterminds.

A team looking at a map and discussing ideas during an italian job corporate team building event

22. Secret Agent Challenge

Have you ever fancied yourself as a master spy or cunning secret agent? Now is your chance to see if you have what it takes to make it in the dark world of espionage! This treasure hunt based activity will pit you against other teams in a series of spy-themed tasks and challenges. It’s all getting a bit ‘secret squirrel’ with this event. Read more…

23. School Sports Day

We take you back to school with this classic ‘School Sports Day’ themed team building activity. As you would expect, teams will go head to head in loads of traditional school sports day races such as the sack, egg and spoon, and everyone’s favourite, the three-legged race. It’s old school fun that everyone will love. Read more…

24. Force for Good

This charity team building activity is a great way to give something back and allows participants to have a real-life impact on various charitable projects throughout the World. This event is based around a GPS treasure hunt and requires teams to complete tasks and challenges in return for ‘impacts’ that are attributed to four project categories – food, shelter, education, and health.

25. Black Cab Treasure Hunt

With each team of 5 people having a black cab and London cabbie, this event takes treasure hunts to the next level and enables teams to cover a much wider area during their event. Teams will face a mixture of tasks and challenges during this activity and will be transported to several different ‘hunt zones’ in their black cabs. This event is available in London only.

If you would like some help with your next corporate team building event or would like to discuss some ideas with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team.  We would love to help make your next event unforgettable.