How to Plan a Team Building Event!

When planning a team building event the most important thing is to ensure that, whichever activity you choose, is going to deliver exactly what you and the other participants want it to!

We have outlined some of the most important factors which should be considered when it comes to planning a team building event. Hopefully, this will answer some of your questions and provide you with a good starting point!

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions if we have missed anything! We will try to keep this information as up to date as possible.  We will add sections based on feedback in order to produce a definitive guide for people to use when planning their next team building activity!

What to Consider When Planning a Team Building Activity!

Your Aims – Peo-ple gathered around a table full of lego taking part in a team activity - How to plan a team building eventWhat are you looking to get out of your team building event?

In our opinion, this is the most important thing to consider when you are planning a team building event.  This should be the first point you decide upon. It is a good idea to involve the rest of your team in this process as you are likely to come across some things you may not have considered.

There are a whole host of reasons for companies to run team building activities. There is no right or wrong reason for wanting to run a team building activity, as long as you know what you are looking to achieve from it.

Once you have a good understanding of what you are looking to achieve it will make selecting an actual activity a lot easier.  It will also help any team building companies you approach to suggest some good activities which will deliver what you want them to.

Indoor or Outdoor – two colleagues attempting to complete a crystal maze challenge in the wet - how to plan a team building eventWould you like your team building activity to be run indoors or outdoors?

This question can often be made a lot easier to answer depending on the date of your team building activity.  If, for example, you are going to hold your team building activity during the winter months, then an indoor team building activity would probably be the best option. Similarly, if the event is going to take place in the summer months, then an outdoor team building activity may be quite appealing!

Of course, it is not all about the weather! Look at the group who are going to be taking part in the activity itself.  Consider what they would prefer. Also, consider what else is happening around the time of your team building activity. If you are going to run your activity at the end of a conference, for example, participants may welcome the opportunity to get some fresh air, regardless of the weather!!

Duration – A group of people laughing with each other during a team building event How long do you have available for your event?

This may seem obvious but it is important to consider how long you would like your team building activity to last. Many events can be tailored to suit your requirements in terms of time and can last from 1 hour to a whole day.

In many cases, the time available for a team building activity is determined by other factors.  These could be things such as how long staff can be away from work or the time available during a meeting or conference. If time is precious (which it usually is) then consider running a team building activity at your office or place of work. This eliminates travel time for the participants and also eliminates the need for a separate venue which can often make an event more feasible both in terms of cost and time.

Typically we find that half a day (3-4 hours) is a good length of time to allow for a team building activity.

Facilitation – People gathered around waiting for the finale of a team building activityDo you want a professional facilitator to spend time hosting a debrief at the end of your team building activities?

Depending on what you are looking to get out of your event, you may wish to consider having a professional facilitator to host your activity. A professional facilitator will discuss your objectives with you prior to the event and will then look at how the team and individuals perform and work together during your chosen activity. When the team building activity has finished, the facilitator will host a discussion session with the participants where they will be able to analyse their efforts and give constructive feedback to their colleagues.

If your activity is objective-driven and you are using the event to focus on a specific area such as communication, leadership, or creativity, then facilitation is a great tool. If on the other hand the event is being used to have fun with colleagues or as a way to spend time away from the office with your team then a facilitator might not be necessary.

Budget – A speed boat on the Solent with the white cliffs of Dover in the backgroundHow much money do you have available to spend on your team building activities?

It is important to have an idea of your available budget when planning a team building event as this will have an impact on the activities which are available to you. If you decide to contact a team building company for quotes and ideas, they will inevitably ask if you are working towards a specific budget. This is not to try and catch you out or so they can bump up their prices, but more to help them suggest some different activities which are feasible from a cost point of view. There is nothing more frustrating than setting your heart on a specific team building activity only to discover it is out of budget.

Team building events vary in cost depending upon a number of factors and can range from around £50 to over £500 per person. One of the major factors when it comes to cost is the number of participants taking part in the activity. Generally, the more participants taking part, the less the cost per head and vice versa. Other factors that impact cost are the location of the event and the activity chosen (those with lots of equipment to move and transport usually cost slightly more).

The Activity Itself – A group of people making chocolates togethern wearing chefs hatsWhat sort of team building activities would the participants enjoy?

Once you have considered the points above, the number of activities will already have been reduced to a manageable level which you can then look at in more detail before coming to a final decision.

When you get to this stage it is a good idea to see if there is anything specific that members of your team would either “love to do” or would “love to avoid”. Some people may not feel comfortable in water which would rule out any water-based activities, whilst others may really want to try a cookery team building activity.

Wherever possible It is really beneficial to include your team in the decision making process. This will help you to choose a team building activity that everyone will enjoy and may also provide you with some ideas which you have not considered.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your next event, have a look at some of our superb team building ideas!

Venue – The fron of a hotel which could be used to host a team buidling eventWhere are you going to hold your team building event?

Choosing the correct venue for your team building activity is obviously extremely important. First of all, establish what you want the venue to provide for you and your team.

Are you simply looking for a suitable space to use for your team building activity or are you also looking to incorporate a conference/meeting into your day? Do you need any refreshments or catering? Will you or any of the other participants need overnight accommodation?

If you are just looking for a suitable space to use for your team building activity, then a hotel or conference centre will usually be able to offer you a room for a hire fee. Alternatively, if you have a tight budget, it may be worth considering running the event from your offices.

If you would like refreshments and lunch for participants, then venues will often be able to provide you with a day delegate rate which will include your room hire, tea/coffee breaks, and lunch. Many venues also offer a 24-hour delegate rate which will usually include dinner, overnight accommodation, and breakfast in addition to the items included within the day delegate rate.

A good team building company will usually be able to recommend venues locally to you and will often be happy to book and arrange venues on your behalf if required.

We hope you have found this post helpful.  If you are looking for some brilliant team building activities, we would love to help.  Please don’t hesitate to Get In Touch with a member of our team if you have any questions!

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