What to consider when choosing incentive travel destinations!

Incentice travel destinationsWhen it comes to incentive travel destinations, the World really is your oyster.  There are so many great places to choose from, both in the UK and abroad and so it can be a tough job choosing a destination for your next incentive.

Here are a few things that you may want to consider when shortlisting destinations for your next incentive event.

Who will be attending your incentive?

Every destination offers something different and unique and so knowing who your guests are going to be is the first step in choosing an incentive travel destination that will be a huge hit.  Think about the type of people who are likely to be attending your event and what their likes and dislikes are likely to be.  A group of young, energetic sales professionals will probably want to do very different things to a group of senior managers for example.

It’s also important to consider the gender breakdown of your group as well as age so that you can create a tailored ground programme that will have something for everyone.

How much time do you want to spend travelling?

Travel time is a major consideration when choosing an incentive destination.  Whether you are travelling within the UK or internationally it’s important to understand how much time your guests are going to spend travelling.  Try to ensure the ground programme your guests will enjoy justifies the amount of time spent getting there.

As well as time spent flying, also consider transfer times from your destination airport to the hotel.  Depending upon your incentive destination, there may be some fantastic transfer options available that will create an amazing first impression for your guests and kick off your incentive event from the moment your guests arrive.

Incentive travel destinations - dog sleds
Husky transfers from the airport in Lapland are a great way to kick start your incentive event.

When will your incentive take place?

When choosing a destination for your incentive event, it’s a good idea to research dates and see if there are any potential pitfalls that can be easily avoided.  The weather is an obvious place to start – look at the historical weather reports for the time of year you are planning your event and make sure the temperature is going to be suitable.  The ground programme you have planned and the type of activities you are considering will play a part in this as well.

Also consider religious holidays in your chosen destination and make sure they aren’t going to impact your event in a negative way.  Finally, it is also worth exploring any major sporting or cultural events taking place as these will often have a huge impact on the cost of flights and accommodation.

How easy is it to get to there?

Access to your chosen destination is really important.  As well as having an impact on the running of your incentive event, it will also affect travel time for your guests and your budget.  When choosing your incentive destination research what flights are available from different carriers and get a rough idea of how much flights will cost.  If your chosen destination is served by some of the low cost airlines (and you are happy travelling with them), this could free up some additional budget to spend on your ground programme.

Incetnive travel destinations - Aeroplanes
Select an airline that offers direct flights to your chosen incentive travel destination to maximise time on the ground.

How long will your incentive event last?

Think about how long you want your incentive event to last, bearing in mind that you will have to allow for travel time to and from your chosen destination.  Incentives can of course last for as long as you like but its important to strike a balance that will give your guests plenty of time on the ground enjoying what your chosen destination has to offer, but also being mindful that people will be taking time away from work and may also have families/other commitments.

The duration of your incentive will also have an impact on the cost of your event so this is another important consideration.

What budget do you have available for the event?

Your budget is of course going to be a major consideration when choosing an incentive travel destination and will be affected by a number of factors.  Having a clear idea of the budget you have available will really help you to narrow down the list of potential destinations for your incentive event.

Your accommodation will account for a good chunk of your budget and will vary dramatically depending upon the standard of hotel you choose.  Try to strike a balance between your accommodation and ground programme in terms of budget.

Also look at whether your flights are direct or whether guests will be required to stop off en-route.   If you are particularly tight on time then destinations that are only accessible indirectly might not be the best option.

What is there to do once your guests arrive?

Look at what options are available once you and your guests arrive in your chosen destination.  Is there a good variety of activities that will suit your guests and fit in to your budget?  Also consider how the event will flow and whether the activities on offer are things that your guests might have done before or totally unique to the destination.

Try to incorporate traditional elements from the destination in your programme wherever possible as this will really add to your guests experience.

Incetive travel destinations - desert safari
Guests enjoying dinner in the desert in Dubai after an action packed day.

White Rhino are a friendly and hard-working event management company based in Surrey.  If you would like some help or advice planning your next incentive event, contact a member of the White Rhino team.

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