Is the Office Christmas Party Dead?

How many office Christmas parties have you been to that follow the same, boring format year after year?

Mediocre mass catering, cheesy theming which doesn’t really hit the spot, a lacklustre DJ playing rubbish music, and over inflated prices just because it’s Christmas!

Is the Office Chrtistmas Party Dead 3

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas, and I think that some form of Christmas party is an absolute must!  I’m just not convinced that the events being offered by venues up and down the country are really anything to write home about!  Let’s face it, the food is never really that good, the theming and décor is usually pretty bad, and if you are attending a shared event with other companies from the local area, you will no doubt be surrounded by loads of strangers getting a bit too carried away with the party poppers and “hilarious” screeching balloons!

Your staff work hard all year and certainly deserve to let their hair down and enjoy some time away from the office together.

3 different Christmas Party Ideas to consider…

If you want to do something different this year, why not try a Christmas party with a more interactive element?

These types of events work much better on a number of levels and are certainly more inclusive.  There are bound to be some people in your team that don’t attend the annual Christmas Do – it’s not because they are boring; it’s just not their scene.

There are a variety of interactive Christmas event options available which would provide a brilliant solution for your next Christmas party.

Why not cook your own Christmas Meal?

Led by a team of expert chefs, your teams will create their own Christmas meal from scratch, before they all sit down at the end and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Teams will also be responsible for creating menus, dressing tables, and making sure everything is just the way they want it.

Fancy something a little less involved?

Why don’t you get your team to create a Gingerbread Village?  Teams will cook their own gingerbread building blocks from scratch before constructing and decorating their gingerbread houses with lots of sweets and treats.  The best bit is that the finished masterpieces can be taken back to the office the next day for people to enjoy with their morning coffee.

Drink & Be Merry!

For some, a Christmas party isn’t the same without a few drinks. We get that! If this is the case, why not get your teams involved in an interactive cocktail session?  There will be expert bartenders on hand to lead them through the session, where they will make a variety of cocktails and shooters, as well as learning a little bit of bartender flair!

These are just a few ideas but hopefully you will agree that an interactive Christmas event is certainly the way to go.

Don’t subject your team to mediocre mass catering again this year – give them a Christmas party that they will remember for all the right reasons!

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