Three people driving pedal powered carts during a Whack Races outdoor team building activity

Outdoor team building activities to help you build a great team!

Outdoor team building activities are great fun and the perfect way to encourage some friendly competition between team members.  They are the ideal option during the warmer, spring and summer months.  If you are feeling particularly brave, they are just as much fun in autumn and winter – but don’t forget to wrap up warm!

If you have been in a conference room all morning (or even for a few days) and are looking for some team building games that will re-energise your team and blow the cobwebs away, you can’t quite beat getting outside in the fresh air.

Encourage friendly competition between team members

Friendly competition has been shown to increase productivity and engagement in employees.  Outdoor team building events are a great way to encourage a little bit of friendly competition between team members. With points up for grab, it’s all about working as a team and emerging victorious!

Improve Communication

As well as being great for team bonding, outdoor team building events are a great way to improve communication between team members.  All of the outdoor team building games we offer require teams to communicate so that they can complete the various challenges and tasks that they are faced with.

Develop Problem Solving

Most of our outdoor team building activities are designed to present teams with various problems that they need to overcome as a group.  This naturally makes them a great option for developing problem solving skills among your team.

We have outdoor team building games to suit all tastes, group sizes, and team members. If you are looking for an outdoor activity that will challenge team members to complete different tasks, the Crystal Challenge is a good choice. Would you prefer some high adrenaline action for your next outdoor team building activity? No problem. The Solent RIB Adventure is just the ticket. Fancy exploring the local town or city during your activity? A corporate GPS treasure hunt or scavenger hunt could be, right up your street? Whichever event you choose, your team will have a great time, and we will ensure everything goes without a hitch.

You will find lots of activity ideas below. Most outdoor team building activities will last for between 2 and 3 hours. We can, however, adjust the running times to suit your agenda and the time you have available.

Outdoor Team Building Activity FAQ’s

How much space do we need for an outdoor team building activity?

The amount of space needed for your event will depend on the specific activity you choose and how many people are taking part in the event. Typically for a group of 30 – 50 people, we would usually recommend having a flat, grassed area around the size of two basketball courts or four tennis courts. Certain activities such as Country Capers for example may need more space due to the nature of the challenges.

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to a single large area for your activity as we can often spread challenges around several spots and have teams walking between them.

Our team are always happy to advise on what will and won’t work for a specific event so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an email if you have any questions.

How many people will be in each team?

We like to keep teams small with our outdoor team games and would usually recommend teams sizes of between 8 and 10 people per team. Our corporate treasure hunts are run with slightly smaller teams of around 5 or 6 people per team.

We find that having smaller teams helps to keep everyone engaged and active during your chosen activity.

What are the best outdoor team building activities?

We think that all our outdoor team building events are great fun but our top 3 outdoor team building activities are:

1. The Crystal Challenge
This is our most popular outdoor activity and is great fun. There are loads of different challenges for the teams to tackle and it promotes lots of friendly competition. Teams compete to earn the honour of stepping into the Crystal Dome at the end of the event.

2. The Ultimate Adventure
If your event is taking place in a town or city and large, grassed areas aren’t available, this is the perfect option. The Ultimate Adventure is (as the name suggests) the ultimate corporate treasure hunt that will have teams dashing around your chosen area solving clues and completing challenges to earn as many points as possible.

3. Whacky Races
Whack Races is our Formula 1 inspired team building activity. Teams will be provided with various materials and must construct their own race-ready Formula 1 car. They will use a pedal-powered kart as the base and will be racing against other teams ‘grand Prix style’ to decide upon a winner.

Can you run an outdoor team building activity in a public park?

Sadly, this isn’t possible without a specific permit from the local council (or whoever owns the park). These are typically very difficult to obtain, and it can be a time-consuming process. As a result, we typically wouldn’t be able to run an outdoor activity in a public park.

If you are looking for a cost-effective outdoor space to hire, we would recommend contacting your local rugby, cricket, or football club to see if they would be willing to let you hire their grounds for the event.

What happens if it’s raining on the day of my activity?

This depends on the activity you have chosen. Many of our outdoor team building activities such as the Crystal Challenge can still be run even if the weather is miserable. In this instance, we would also suggest that organisers let their colleagues know that they should be prepared for whatever the British weather has to offer.

For activities that can’t be run outdoors in bad weather such as Mission Impossible or Krypton Factor), we would provide a ‘wet weather backup’ activity.

Our team are always happy to help when it comes to finding a suitable space to use. If you would like to speak to one of our team about which outdoor team building activity would be best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.