Planning the perfect awards evening!

Awards evenings are great fun and the ideal time to celebrate success.  They do however take a lot of organising and so we have put together a list of five ‘must haves’ that will make your awards evening unforgettable!

A team receiving their awards at an awards evening

A brilliant venue

As with all events, your choice of venue can make or break your awards evening before it’s even started.  Make sure to choose a venue that’s going to work for you and your guests logistically (both prior to arrival and once they are at the venue itself).  Does the event space they are offering suit you in terms of size and flow?  Does the venue have a track record when it comes to dealing with the number of guests that will be attending?  Does the venue have sufficient accommodation for any guests that may want to stay overnight?

It is always worth taking the time to go and see a venue with your own eyes before committing.  This will enable you to properly understand how the event will work with the event space they have, and also allow you to assess the quality of the venue first hand – there is only so much you can tell from pictures!

A warm welcome

As with so many things, first impressions count and so make sure that your guests are greeted warmly and welcomed to your awards evening with open arms!  Provide people with a selection of reception drinks (you don’t have to go mad but a little choice is a good thing), and depending upon your timings for the evening, you might also want to include some canapes.  When it comes to reception drinks, you don’t have to stick with the classic options of Champagne or orange juice – try mixing it up a little bit (and we don’t mean Bucks Fizz).  If your awards evening is in the Summer, why not give guests the option of a refreshing cocktail or maybe a heart warming ‘hot toddy’ in winter?

Ensure that there are plenty of staff available to answer questions from guests and direct them to the correct place when it comes to them taking their seats.  It’s important to make this part of the event as quick and smooth as possible.

Planning an awards evening - mwarm welcome
Try being a little more creative with your reception drinks!

Striking event production

Smart event production is what will make your event stand out from the crowd and, if done properly, will create a real WOW factor as your guests arrive at the venue!

When it comes to event production, the options are almost limitless and can include bespoke theming and décor that ties in to your industry/brand, dramatic stage sets that will form the focal point of the awards ceremony itself, and sound & lighting to add atmosphere.

Awesome awards

The awards are really what it’s all about, so make sure that the physical awards that will be presented to the worthy winners look the business and will be proudly displayed on their mantelpiece at home or on their desk at work!

Awards come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.  From crystal to wood (and everything in-between), awards can easily be designed to fit in with your brand or industry without costing a fortune and will add a professional finishing touch to your event.

Planning an awards evening - awesome awards
Great awards don’t have to cost a fortune and will look great on the night!

A charismatic host

Last but by no means least is the host!  A great host to ‘head up’ the evening is worth their weight in Gold when it comes to planning a memorable awards evening and will help to ensure the event runs smoothly and your guests are engaged and entertained throughout.

There are lots of options when it comes to selecting a host for your awards evening including actors, celebrities, athletes, and professional awards hosts.  Regardless of who you choose, it’s important to select someone that fits in well with your brand and the budget you have available.  Also be mindful of the audience and make sure your chosen host will be well received on the night.

White Rhino are an event management company based in Surrey.  If you would like some help or advice planning an awards evening, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the White Rhino team.

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