Are you making the most of social media at your events?


Used in the right way, social media can create invaluable online buzz around your event and ThinkWall (which has been developed by JustFDI) is without a doubt the way to go!  Linked to any number of plasma screens or projectors, it is more than just a Twitter wall and enables you to engage, entertain, inform, and advertise! Utilised  well,  ThinkWall becomes   a  key   tool  for  event  attendees,  who  will  quickly   learn  to refer to the nearest display for timely, relevant event information.

As well as displaying feeds from Twitter, SMS, YouTube, Flickr (and any other platform), ThinkWall also enables those managing the event to schedule announcements, display advertisements, promote event sponsors, or display other content whenever they wish.

Any tweets, comments, images, etc. can be easily moderated by you or a member of the events team to ensure no unwanted messages are displayed to attendees, and the entire system is extremely robust and secure.

All in all ThinkWall is a powerful tool and is second to none when it comes to engaging those attending your event.

If you would like to incorporate ThinkWall at your next event or would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team!

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