image showing people of all ages and genders displayed in square boxes with coloured backgrounds representing virtual team building activities and online games for virtual teams.

COVID Friendly Team Building Activities

Our range of socially distanced team building activities are fun, safe, and engaging.   By using a unique gameplay app that each participant will need to download onto their smartphone or tablet in advance of the event, and the lessons learnt from running hundreds of virtual team building activities, we are now able to deliver face to face team building activities in a safe, flexible, inclusive, and cost-effective format for groups of all sizes.

Each of these events benefits from:

Small Teams

Your group will be split into teams of 5/6 people to complete your chosen activity.  This helps guests to maintain social distancing guidelines, whilst ensuring everyone stays engaged and is able to contribute to the activity.

Captain/Player Mode

The gameplay app that participants will use during your activity is run in ‘Captain/Player’ mode.  This requires one person in each team to be the ‘team captain’. the Team captain will be the only person able to answer questions, however, all players will see the question on their own device to enable discussion and team strategy. By running the activities in this way, participants do not have to share a device and can maintain a safe distance from other players whilst still working as a team.

Remote Facilitation

All of our socially distanced team building activities are hosted remotely (via video call) by an experienced event facilitator.  Your facilitator will welcome guests to the event, explain exactly what they need to do, split the group into teams, and remain on hand throughout your event to make sure anything runs smoothly.  Once the event has finished, your facilitator will run a short ‘wrap-up’ session and announce the winner.

Unbeatable Value

These team building activities offer truly exceptional value for money compared to traditional team building activities that require lots of equipment, multiple facilitators, and often extensive travel time to/from your chosen venue.

Where are you going to run your socially distanced team building activity?

Will you be using a venue or are you going to run the event from your offices for example?  Regardless of where your event will be held, it’s crucial that when planning a socially distanced team building activity, that you are fully aware of the space you have available and whether it is suitable for the number of guests that will be attending your event.

How many people will be attending your team building activity?

Although our socially distanced team building activities are suitable for groups of all sizes, it’s important to make sure the space you have available is going to be suitable and allow guests to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Will guests have access to a good internet connection?

It’s important that guests have access to a stable and secure internet connection (either wifi or mobile data) for these socially distanced team building activities.  This will allow them to use the gameplay app with any issues and also allow your facilitator to run your event remotely.

Will any of your guests be attending your event ‘virtually’?

It is possible that some of your guests may not be able to, or don’t feel comfortable attending your event in person.  If this is the case, will they be attending ‘virtually’?  All of our socially distanced team building activities can also be run as virtual team building activities meaning that ‘virtual’ guests can take part too – no matter where they are.