Amazing Animations

Teams will enter the animated world of Wallace and Grommit during this amazing animation team building event, as they create their very own short animated video.  This is a fantastic way to get your team working together and being creative and sessions can run with teams of any size.

At the start of your session, delegates are split into groups of up to 10 and begin by getting their thinking caps on; discussing ideas based on the theme they have been given. They can then mock up a storyboard for their animation to guide them through the rest of the process.

When the group has come up with an engaging, animated idea and a storyboard, it’s time to get crafty and start model making. You don’t have to be an artistic whizz to make models to animate – the process involves each group member re-igniting their inner child with lots of colourful plasticine. Each delegate creates their own character, as well as props and scenery for the animation.

Halfway through the workshop, we call action and everyone gets animating. Each group of 10 becomes a film crew and receives an animation station along with instructions from our stop motion animation experts on how to use the software. Team working skills come into play heavily here as group leaders need to communicate with one another to make sure characters and props are being shot correctly, with delegates taking it in turns to animate their characters, operate the software and direct.

Your activity culminates in a screening of your finished animations with lots of laughs and high-fives!

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