“ANIMATE” is an experience based around the amazing technology of stop frame animation. In dedicated teams each group are given the challenge of creating a unique digital animation sequence!In order to achieve this, they are provided with either a set theme or we can bespoke the experience to your team, project or business.  Teams first create a ‘storyboard’ of what their animation will be.  They then take to the set, where they put their plan into action by making lots of small sequential changes to the objects they are animating, each one of which is digitally recorded. When played back, teams’ stories will come to life via an amazing animated sequence.

The event offers a huge amount of scope, with a role for everyone to play. Communication, planning and coordination are essential in making the best film!

The versatility of the event means that it can represent all kinds of stories or messages, which are great to bring business objectives, product launches or key messages to life in a fun way.

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