Beat The Clock

The concept is simple; score as many points as you can, by completing the challenges of your choice!  With over 150 different activities and challenges, there is guaranteed to be something for everybody! As the name suggests, this high energy team building activity is all about Beating the Clock!

The event starts as our presenter introduces the event to the group and announces that they are about to attempt to Beat The Clock!  After being separated into teams and run through the simple premise of the game and the clock starts ticking!

Some teams will dash straight off to identify the famous celebrities or company logos on the display boards, others will find the pump and modelling balloons in their ‘treasure chest like’ team box and begin with a haphazard attempt at twisting a poodle. Others will flip open their team pack, containing the rules, instructions and information for every one of the 150 plus challenges on offer, to plan their attack.

An important choice must be made at every task; each one is split into 3 levels of difficulty, of which the team may only attempt one. If you succeed at a harder challenge you’ll score more points, but is it worth the risk?

Teams will frantically vie for the attention of the Scoring Marshalls (our crew members) to hand in answers or perform tasks. Meanwhile, at the front of the room the big screen showing the digital clock keeps ticking down and the totals on the live scoreboard keep going up.

As the final five minutes of game play approach, the live scores disappear but the clock keeps ticking. The suspense begins to build.  The final ten-second countdown begins. Mayhem ensues. Furiously teams try to complete the challenges they have started before the clock hits zero and the siren and flashing lights go off. Then it’s too late; it’s all over.

The teams return to their tables, still trying to catch their breath, as the Score Master adds the final scores onto the, still hidden, leader board. The presenter builds up the tension one last time before revealing the winning team to triumphant applause.

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