Boomwhackers is a fast-paced musical activity which leaves people feeling uplifted and with a great sense of achievement! Boomwhackers are hollow, plastic, musical tubes, which are struck with the hand to produce a pleasing, soft, and mellow sound. Each colour of boomwhacker plays its own distinct note. These humble-looking instruments can be handed out to tens, hundreds or even thousands of people in minutes, to create an instant orchestra.

In no time at all, our expert facilitator will have up to five different harmony parts playing one piece of music.  Building towards a finale where the piece of music is performed, our group must listen, react and ensure that all the right notes/colours are played together, at the right time to create the music of your company.

The facilitator will mould your group in seconds…have them on their feet and involved from the word ‘go’! Boomwhackers provide a high impact, low noise, and extremely visual corporate team building activity.

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