Force for Good – CSR

A game-changing charity team building activity designed to help teams create impact through action. This three-hour challenge combines gamification with giving to genuinely improve lives around the globe.

Partnering with B1G1, a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world full of giving, Force for Good is a high energy, interactive charity team building event designed to engage hearts and minds. This immersive experience which can take place indoors or outdoors will help participants connect with each other whilst creating real social impact around the world.

Leading through impact empowers people to make a difference simply by taking positive action.

During this treasure hunt team building activity, twenty hotspots (each linked to a predetermined charitable project) will be dropped into your chosen location and plotted on an interactive map for teams to find using their GPS enabled tablets. During the event, teams must choose which causes mean the most to them and head to the corresponding hotspot to complete a series of challenges, before moving onto the next.

Each of the hotspots holds an equal charitable value, allocated from a pre-decided donation ‘pot’. The more teams that choose to visit particular hotspots e.g. ‘bricks for schools’ the greater the percentage donated to this cause from the pot.

At the culmination of the event, photos and videos will be presented and the team with the highest amount of impacts will be announced.  The winning team (that has collected the most impacts) will get to decide which of three projects the remainder of the donation pot will go to.  More importantly, we share the impacts created by all teams and celebrate how their collective actions have made a positive difference.

Force for Good is a superb charity team building event that genuinely makes a difference and allows participants to choose where they want to make an impact around the World, simply by taking positive action during the activity.

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