Whacky Races

It is time for your team to take Pole Position in this whacky team building activity as they design, build, and race their ultimate racing machine! Following their initial brief, the first task for your team is to brainstorm what your “Racing Machine” is going to look like.  In this event, looks are vital, as the best looking “Racing Machine” (according to our panel of “unbribable” judges) will take Pole Position for the final showdown!  With this step complete you have to gather everything you possibly can to turn your dream machine into reality.

Each team is given a starter kit which contains a certain amount of resources, including the solid structure of the basic kart.  Any items and resources that you require which are not in your starter kit must be procured by pitching a successful Sponsorship Bid. Your bid will include how your machine will look, what your branding will be and why you think your team is going to win your Company Grand Prix.  The more successful your bid the more money your team earns to spend on materials for the construction of your “Racing Machine” and any spares you might want for the Pits.

This particular part of Whacky Races is very adaptable. Normally your whole group acts as the audience to each team’s pitch to the Sponsors which is often extremely funny. Your company may also like to recreate a particular feel, for example, Dragon’s Den or the X-Factor.

Once construction and testing are complete, there is only one thing left to do…RACE!

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