Christmas Carol Chaos

Everyone can sing, and Christmas Carol Chaos is the team event that proves it. The human voice is the oldest instrument known to man and the most personal signature we have! Our vocal group enters the room and, much to the surprise of everyone performs a classic Christmas carol. There is an even bigger surprise when it is announced that everyone in the room is going to sing the same carol… In harmony!

In no time at all, our enigmatic vocal coaches split the group into two and go through a short vocal warm-up to blow the dust off those under-used vocal cords. This is not only a good icebreaker, but starts each group with small successes and lays the foundations for the subsequent stages.

Lyric sheets are handed out and each group begins to practice and perfect their melody or harmony to the chosen popular Christmas Carol.

Once we have added a little stage direction and glamour to your vocal section, they will start to learn the percussion elements of the Christmas Carol!

As the finale approaches, the two groups are brought back together to perform the Christmas Carol together!

Very little set up is required for Christmas Carol Chaos, and everything can be done in one room if separate breakout rooms are not available.

Christmas Carol Chaos is designed to give your team an experience that might at first be outside the comfort zone of participants but will enable them to gain confidence in their abilities and allow them to dramatically surpass their perceived limits.

We use only world-class professional vocal coaches during this event. They are selected because of the many skills they possess to make each event relaxed, entertaining, fun and a complete success. All our coaches have many years of experience performing, coaching and directing in the West End, on TV or on tour.

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