Christmas Cook Along

The Christmas Cook Along is our flagship virtual Christmas cookery event that challenges participants to create their own amazing Christmas meal from scratch under the guidance of a professional chef.

The Christmas Cook Along is hands-on from the very start and is a great way to engage with your team or entertain clients whilst cooking an amazing meal that everyone can enjoy at the end.

Guided by an expert chef through a video conferencing platform (Zoom or Microsoft Teams), participants will create an amazing two-course meal from scratch.

In advance of the activity, each participant will be sent an ‘event parcel’ containing all for the ingredients they will need for the activity.  On the day itself, participants will be welcomed to your private video call by your head chef who will explain the activity and tell guests what to expect.  After this, it’s time to get ‘hands-on’ and start cooking!

After a short health and safety briefing, your head chef will make a start. The activity is run in a ‘cook along’ format which is lead by your head chef and is easy for participants to follow.  Naturally, guests are able to ask any questions they need to along the way.

At the end of the activity, all participants will have created a delicious, two-course meal that they can sit down and enjoy.

This hands-on, virtual cooking experience is great fun and requires no previous cooking experience.  We will deliver ‘event hampers’ containing all of the ingredients to the participant’s homes in advance of the event, although they also will be required to provide some basic kitchen equipment from home.

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