Murder Most Mysterious

Whether you are looking for a fun-filled night of thrilling entertainment or a more sedate evening of intricate investigation, we are able to offer the perfect solution! MYSTERIO

Murder Mystery events are a great way to keep everyone entertained and add a little something extra to your evening. With a choice of 40 plots to choose from, there is guaranteed to be something suitable for all types of groups.

The evening begins with pre-dinner drinks where guests have their first opportunity to meet the mysterious and highly suspicious characters (all of whom are professional actors). After some general mingling and an opening scene, one of the characters will suddenly crash to the floor, gasping for breath!

A police detective duly arrives and informs everyone that this is now a murder investigation and each team will need to use their time wisely to examine the evidence, question the suspects, and decipher a series of cryptic conundrums and intriguing puzzles before deliberating to reach a unanimous verdict!

Prepare for a gripping night of intriguing mystery and foul murder! You will spend the evening on the edge of your seat as the plot thickens…

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