CSI: Forensic Challenge

Activity Duration
3 hours
Activity Group Size
10 - 250
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A crime has taken place! This is your unique and unusual opportunity to investigate a crime; usually the province of the police.   Enter the world of Crime Scene Investigation as you and your crack team of forensic experts attempt to discover who killed Jonathan Buckley!Something fishy has happened at Buckley Enterprises, The CEO Jonathan Buckley has been found dead.

Here is what we know:

His diary indicates he had a breakfast meeting planned, although there was no name mentioned.
There has clearly been a commotion, possibly a fight.
As a result of enquiries three possible suspects have been identified.
During the investigation further evidence may emerge.

“The Killing” is your chance to work with your colleagues in a completely different way! This is a proven, fresh approach to team building without the “usual suspects”!

A crime scene is set up; grisly or otherwise, and participants are divided into ‘Investigation Teams’.  Each team has a CSI briefcase with everything needed for the investigation; they also receive full CSI Kit including white CSI overalls, face masks, and gloves which they can keep at the end of the event.

Guiding you through this amazing adventure will be Former Scotland Yard Detectives, or associated professionals who will provide a real insight into the world of real life Crime Scene Investigation.

Your challenge is simple, but by no means easy!

What is the motive?
How was Jonathan Buckley murdered?
What evidence have you got to connect the suspect(s) to the crime scene?

The clock is ticking and the murderer is still on the loose!  Are you going to bring him or her to justice or let them get away?

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