CSI: Forensic Challenge

Activity Duration
3 hours
Activity Group Size
10 - 250
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Step into the world of crime scene investigation to unravel a true crime using some of the latest forensic detective technology. Teams are presented with the facts and visual evidence of a real life crime. Their challenge, using a real process of investigation, is to solve the mystery and identity the murderer and motive.

Our head of investigation will teach your team how to properly examine a simulated crime scene. Your team will also use their observational skills to create a composite sketch of a suspect using the same software used by police agencies around the world. They will then implicate the suspect after carrying out a variety of forensic techniques including simulated blood typing, blood spatter analysis, fingerprint analysis, glass analysis, luminol detection of simulated blood and DNA analysis.

At the start of the event each team will be given their own “Crime File”, which contains everything they need to know about the investigation. Each person is also given their own examination kit, comprising of a one piece white body suit, masks and gloves. After kitting up it is time for the investigation to commence! Your task is to investigate the crime, using forensics to prove it.

Participants will need to use a variety of forensic techniques to solve the murder, including ballistics, blood spatter pattern analysis, fingerprint dusting, forensic dentistry, hair and fibre, photofit, and DNA.

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