Da Vinci Code

As your team are called to the scene of a murder, they take on the role of expert code breakers and are shocked at what they find!  Just like Dan Browns famous book, you will need to crack and unlock hidden codes, riddles, and ancient artefacts before your time runs out!

The Da Vinci Code team building activity is truly unique and uses historical artefacts which have been specially commissioned for this event. These works of art have been ingeniously designed and created by a team of professional artists and sculptors. Each one holds secrets and clues that relate to the mystery facing your teams.  The murder trail follows a plot similar to Dan Brown’s best selling novel (with all references to religion and religious sects removed).

Teams become united in fascination as they are completely absorbed in the murder investigation.  Working out how the clues fit together requires the input of every member of your team because the clues are hidden in very different ways. Some use word play, others require skilful observation, some require dexterity, and others benefit from attention to detail.  Instead of simply using their imagination, teams must work with the reality in front of them.

The Da Vinci Code can be run for between 2 and 6 hours depending upon how much time you have available, is suitable for between 8 and 350 people, and requires a main event room as well as smaller syndicate rooms!

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