Dino Dash

Dino Dash is a fast, fun, and frantic event that will last for around 1 hour on its own or slightly longer if combined with other challenges, and is the prefect activity to reinvigorate your team! Based on the Royal Tournament Field Gun race, each team is tasked with racing their Dinosaur through an assault course – but first it must be constructed!

The dinosaur is made up of a series of component parts.  Each brightly coloured piece of the jigsaw is slotted together in a logical way.  This is the teams first challenge before they can allocate a rider and run the gauntlet.

The assault course will challenge the teams in a variety of ways, as the teams must dismantle their giant dinosaurs under race conditions, which they must then pass through a giant letter-box.

They must then re-build their dinosaurs, but time is tight, and the other teams will all be hot on their heels! Once the teams and their dinosaurs have completed the assault course, the race for the finishing line begins.

Quite simply, the first team to cross the finishing line are declared the winners!

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