Den of Dragons

In this fun dragons den team building activity, teams will enter the ‘Den of Dragons’ and attempt to convince a panel of fearsome Dragons to invest in their fledgeling idea! Do your team have the entrepreneurial know-how to secure much-needed funds or will the Dragons declare themselves OUT!

Den of Dragons is a superb event that challenges teams to create and develop their own unique business idea before pitching it to a panel of Dragons to try and secure much-needed funding. The Dragons can even be Directors or members of your senior team which works brilliantly.

The Ultimate Dragons Den Team Building Activity

Earn much needed ‘seed capital!

Den of Dragons will test your teams business acumen over two different task. The first challenge facing the teams is to raise some much-needed seed capital which they can use to get their ideas off the ground and ready to pitch to the Dragons in the next stage. To do this, they will face the infamous ‘shopping channel showdown’! First, each team will select a classic ‘Dragons Den’ product (provided by us) such as Trunki, Tangle Teezer, or Levi Roots famous Reggae Reggae Sauce. Using their natural flair and a slick sales spiel they must sell as many products as they can in their 90-second ‘Shopping Channel’ slot.

At the end of the first task, teams will be awarded ‘seed capital’ depending upon how well they did during the ‘shopping channel showdown’. The more products they sold in this first task will translate into more ‘seed capital’ which they can use for their own unique business idea which they will be pitching to the Dragons.

Hone your own unique idea!

Once the first task is complete and the teams have been awarded their seed capital, its time for them to start working on their own unique business proposition which they will pitch to the Dragons. The seed capital awarded at the end of the first task can now be used to buy various items to ‘bolster’ their sales pitch and give their product more credibility when teams present their idea to the dragons. For example, they may wish to buy a patent for an innovative new product, secure some pre-orders, or even invest in a slick website or branding for their new company etc.

Enter the Dragons Lair!

Once teams have honed their ideas, crunched the numbers and perfected their pitch, it’s time to present their ground-breaking business idea to the fearsome Dragons who will decide if they are going to invest or not! The team that manages to secure the most investment will be declared the winners!

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