iPad Film Making

iPad Film Making is the ultimate motion picture experience that will challenge you and your colleagues to write, film, and produce a minute movie masterpiece all of your own! With all the equipment they need at their disposal, teams of up to 10 people must produce an engaging 3-minute advert or promotional video during this film making team building activity.

Team members will have to become talented actors, shrewd producers, imposing directors, witty scriptwriters, skilful make-up artists or diligent props handlers to impress their audience.

The subject of the advert can be imposed and a business message integrated to serve your own company, with compulsory “keywords” to be used to spice things up!

Each team will also have to follow a theme such as:

•    Star Trek
•    James Bond
•    Pirates of the Caribbean
•    Harry Potter
•    The Godfather
•    Superheroes
•    Dr Who
•    Wild West
•    Gladiator
•    Casualty

Wit, humour, and professionalism are highly recommended for the most entertaining result and the critical eyes of the judges.

With a variety of different roles to fill, communication and teamwork are absolutely vital throughout this event, in order to guarantee your place in our cinematic hall of fame!

Film Stars is a fun and flexible event which promotes creativity and will motivate staff through a shared experience.

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