Gingerbread House Making

This Gingerbread House Making activity is without a doubt one of our favourite Christmas Events and is guaranteed to get everyone into the festive spirit!

During this event, participants will make, bake and decorate their own amazing gingerbread houses from scratch.  But don’t panic, we will provide a professional chef to host your activity and keep everyone on the straight and narrow.

We will provide everything needed for the activity, including house templates, sweets, treats, chocolate and icing so that everyone is ready to make, bake, build and decorate show-stopping gingerbread houses. Our Chefs will even demonstrate how to make stain glass windows out of boiled sweets.  This event is so much fun and full of Christmas Cheer. There is simply no limit to what can be done with icing, chocolate, gingerbread dough and some creative minds. For those who want a competitive edge, we can include a judging element which will test the strength, height and structure of the houses made.

This event can be run in both face-to-face or virtual formats, making it a great option for both remote events and in-person events.

Face-to-Face Events

If you choose to run this activity in a face-to-face format, we will bring all of the supplies, equipment, and staff needed for the activity to your chosen venue.  We will run everything from start to finish and make sure everyone has a great time.

Virtual Events

For events being run virtually, we will post an event hamper to each participant in advance of the event. This will include all the ingredients they will need for the activity, as well as a chefs hat and disposable apron. Participants will need to provide some basic equipment which is readily available in a majority of home kitchens.  These hampers will be delivered (sadly not by the Big Man himself) direct to participants’ homes a few days prior to the event.

On the day of your event, participants simply need to join a video call that we set up, where they will be greeted by their head chef.  once everyone has joined the call and the introductions are finished, it’s time to get started!

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