Hells Bells

Hells Bells is a fantastic team building event that is guaranteed to motivate and get everyone involved!  Your challenge is to work as a team to complete a giant 3D working sculpture! Teams do not instantly work out that it’s essential for them to work together and this gradual realisation culminates in a “light bulb” moment of realisation when the penny drops.

Because the game involves solving puzzles, creating costumes and constructing model sculptures, it appeals to the widest range of participants. The key is for all these people to use their individual skills to come together successfully as one big team.

On arrival teams are greeted by the Master of Scrolls who will introduce the storyline and objective. Teams are directed to their bases where they will find a selection of brightly coloured pieces, which will eventually form part of the “working machine”.

The first challenge is in the form of team packs. Each pack contains sections of the overall objective. Teams decipher puzzles and follow clues to make sure that they gather all the pieces and information that they need.

The second challenge is the assembly of the sculptures. Each team has its own beautifully crafted sculpture which creates a “working machine” in its own right. If teams follow their trail of clues correctly and construct their sculptures accurately then all the sculptures come together to create a giant 3D puzzle.

When teams have successfully assembled the giant 3D puzzle the sculptures are primed and the Master of Scrolls recounts the story before setting the first sculpture into motion to trigger a chain reaction.

The sculptures automatically and sequentially come to life in an ingenious and theatrical ending. This spectacle is immensely satisfying for participants who can see immediately the importance of their teamwork. The result is a genuine and well-earned sense of achievement.

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