Jungle Survival

In search of a precious artefact, you and your team of archaeologists have been forced to make an emergency landing in the middle of the jungle!

With your map missing and compass destroyed, you must work together to collect items from the wreckage site, overcome jungle perils and find the artefact while keeping up your life points. As you delve deeper into your expedition, you’ll encounter a variety of tasks, challenges and curveballs, some of which will increase your life points and others which will deplete them!

The winning team will have the most life points before the clock runs out – crowning them the surviving team! Can your team survive the dangers of the jungle and reclaim the precious artefact before time runs out?

The aim of the game!

One of our Remote Facilitators will kickstart your jungle expedition with an uplifting virtual briefing. They’ll give you as much information as possible about your survival adventure and the enchanted artefact you’re searching for.

Working in teams of 4-6 players, you and your fellow explorers will use your own smartphone devices to first explore the wreckage site, picking up several virtual supplies. Teams must then move through five areas of the jungle completing a variety of challenges and overcoming obstacles as they go, some of which will increase your life points and some of which will decrease them!

As you find and unlock supplies, they’ll be added to your ‘Collected Items’ area within the app. These will come in handy for your survival! Players can also uncover tips using augmented reality. Each player will be able to track their team’s progress through the live scoreboard and toggle between the different game screens as they progress.

The aim of the game is to work together to retain as many life points as possible to survive the jungle and hopefully retrieve the all-important artefact, all before time runs out! The winning team will be those with the highest number of positive life points.

How is this activity run?

This activity is one of our Remote Hosted events and will be run from start to finish by one of our experienced remote facilitators via video link (Zoom is our preference but we can use other platforms too).

For this event, we will have one event host/facilitator for every 50 participants. They will remain on your call for the duration of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly and answer any questions participants may have.

This activity can be run as a face-to-face, virtual or hybrid event, depending on your preference.

Face to Face – The face-to-face option allows everyone to enjoy a fun and engaging team building activity, ‘face to face’ with their colleagues rather than via Zoom. Your event facilitator will still deliver a high energy remote briefing and results session via video link, manage the teams, and be available throughout your activity to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Virtual – Running this team building activity virtually, all participants can dial into the Zoom call from wherever they are, whether it’s at home or in the office, in the UK or abroad. Your dedicated event facilitator will welcome guests, deliver your event briefing remotely, split the group into teams, and run your event from start to finish. At the end of the activity, your facilitator will announce the results and ‘wrap up’.

Hybrid – With some physical ‘in person’ teams taking part from the office or a venue, and some ‘virtual’ teams dialling in from home or elsewhere, the hybrid solution is a great way to get everyone involved in your event, even if they can’t be there in the flesh. Just like the virtual option, your event facilitator will brief everyone via video link, arrange the teams, and run everything from start to finish.

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