Molecular Cookery Masterclass

Activity Duration
3 hours
Activity Group Size
10 - 150
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Have you ever fancied yourself as the next Heston Blumenthal or wanted to experience this fascinating way of cooking first hand?

Well now is your chance! The Molecular Masterclass takes the ever popular ‘Strictly Come Dining’ event to the next level and introduces a variety of amazing cookery methods and techniques to give your dishes the WOW factor!Molecular Masterclass is a ‘cook & dine’ experience like no other. This totally interactive and hands-on event is led by expert chefs from start to finish and challenges teams to work together and create their own mouth-watering 4 course ‘molecular’ meal from scratch. During this event, guests will learn how to add real vibrancy and drama to their food using amazing hot gels, delicate spheres, and dry ice.

Dine like Einstein and bring your cooking to life!

As guests arrive, they will receive a warm welcome from the White Rhino team before being kitted out with obligatory chefs’ hats and colour coded aprons. After a short introduction and an initial safety briefing, your expert chefs will demonstrate some of the incredible dishes that the teams will be cooking. After this, it’s time for the teams to get ‘hands-on’ and start creating their food.

The event is split into several different sections allowing teams to focus on a few elements at a time. In-between each section the teams will be able to sit down together and enjoy the amazing food they have created before moving onto the next stage. As well as ensuring that teams are overwhelmed by content, running the event in this way also makes sure that everyone is fed consistently throughout the activity and that nobody gets hungry.

This event is run using a fully functioning ‘pop up’ kitchen equipped with all the utensils, appliances, and specialist equipment you could possibly need – it even has a kitchen sink. As a result, this event can be run UK wide and is completely mobile. The only requirement is enough space (around 4 square metres per person) and some tables and chairs.

The Menu!

The suggested menu below has been designed to allow the chefs to demonstarte the various techniques and cooking methods that make this event unique.  We find thart is does cater for most tastes and will hopefully have broad appeal.  We can of course tailor a menu  to your specific requirements and will always be happy to accommodate any specific dietary requirements or allergies.


Bloody Mary and mozzarella cannelloni with fresh pesto, edible violets and cucumber pickle.

Main course

Deconstructed open wild mushroom lasagne with olive tapenade fresh herbs, peppery rocket, beetroot caviar


Mango spheres with a coconut pannacotta


Carpaccio of Spiced pineapple with pomegranate and dry ice sorbet

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