Murder on the Train

Have your tickets and passes ready for an express journey back to the roaring ‘20s to solve a murder case that’s on the move!

You and your team have been transported back to the 1920s to solve a murder case onboard a long-distance train traveling from Paris to Constantinople. Somewhere between Budapest and Belgrade, a murder has been committed and the body of a wealthy property tycoon has been discovered in one of the carriages.

What could be the motive? Greed? Revenge? Intelligence indicates that the culprit is still at large somewhere on the train but detectives are needed onboard for a thorough investigation.

Boarding the train in Belgrade, you and your team must work together with the help of the train guard to explore the carriages, examine the witness statements and search for evidence to uncover what happened that fateful night.

This is a time-sensitive case and it’s imperative that the killer is caught before the train arrives at its final stop. Will it be the end of the line for the killer or will they manage to cover their tracks and escape in Constantinople?

Using augmented reality and the interactive map, it’s up to you and your fellow detectives to scour the carriages for evidence and examine the witness statements to discover what happened that fateful night. You’ll need to look out for hidden clues and complete a variety of challenges to help your investigation as you go!

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