Rollercoaster Challenge Team Building Exercise

The Rollercoaster challenge team building exercise is the ultimate collaborative team activity.

At the start of your rollercoaster challenge team building exercise a professional event host will introduce the team to the challenge that lies before them:

“Build a rollercoaster capable of transporting a ball over a given distance”.

Once the briefing is over and the rules have been outlined, it’s time for the teams to get building.  Each team will be responsible for constructing a single section of the rollercoaster. They will have access to a variety of materials to use such as bamboo canes, cable ties, string, and rods made from recycled newspaper.

It is up to each team to decide how they are going to approach this challenge and how they are going to construct their rollercoaster section.  Naturally, each team will have different ideas and opinions and so the end result is often a real Heath Robinson contraption.  At the end of the activity, all of the sections created by the various teams need to be brought together, linked up, and tested before the rollercoaster challenge comes to a crescendo, and so it’s critical that the teams communicate and work together from the outset to ensure everything fits together seamlessly and their finished rollercoaster is a success!

The rollercoaster challenge team building exercise is a very flexible activity and can be fitted into most time slots.  We would typically advise allowing between 1 and 2 hours for this activity, however.

What makes the rollercoaster challenge such a great team building exercise?

One of the great things about the Rollercoaster Challenge is the fact that it is a collaborative activity.  This means that each team needs to work closely with all of the others, rather than simply focussing on their own section of the rollercoaster.  The saying “you’re only as strong as the weakest link” is true of this activity as nobody will ultimately succeed unless every single section of rollercoaster (and therefor every team) works towards the same goal.

This is one of our most popular team building activities and is a great choice if you are looking for an event that will get teams communicating and working better together.

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