Your mission is simple – “Build a free standing device capable of transporting a ball over a given distance”. This distance will depend on the length of time the teams have to complete the task. Rollercoaster is a very flexible team building event and can be fitted into a time slot of between one hour and half a day. The materials provided include bamboo canes, cable ties, string and rods made from rolled recycled newspaper. The end result is a real Heath Robinson invention.

At the initial brief many participants will not believe that they can achieve any sort of workable outcome. However, there will be champions who will enthuse and motivate the rest of team, with the support of our instructors.

As the task progresses and the Rollercoaster begins to emerge enthusiasm will permeate the group and as the time limit approaches the tempo of the activity increases. The Grand Finale, seeing the Rollercoaster working, is a high energy moment with cheers and applause.

Need a slightly longer rollercoaster activity with even more creativity? Take a look at our ultimate rollercoaster challenge!

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