Smoothie Does It

‘Smoothie Does It’ is jam packed with a vast variety of fresh juicy fruit and challenges teams to create and launch a new and unique Smoothie brand from the vast array of zingy fruit and ingredients provided.Before they do this they must first get hands-on with their produce by choosing, chopping, pealing, skinning, squeezing and blending their ingredients before taking part in plenty of taste testing. This fun team activity culminates in teams presenting their fledgling product from the stage at the front, with a supporting business plan and an overview of their target market and unique selling points.

The activity is compered by the best in the business, adding the extra ingredients of humour and energy; the activity is preceded with group energisers that act as ice breakers and help the group feel relaxed and at ease.

This team building activity makes the perfect platform for teams to be creative and work collaboratively – with blue-sky-thinking being encouraged throughout. Teams will need to have strategy in place from the outset as they plan which ingredients will need to be hypothetically purchased for their new business venture – and wastage will effect their P&L.

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