Strictly Come Dining

This is a fantastic event for everyone who loves good food! You and your team will have the opportunity to make a fantastic 2 or 3-course meal before sitting down and enjoying the fruits of your labour! Our expert chefs have a star-studded background, many of them having worked with chefs such as Gary Rhodes, Marco Pierre White and John Torode to name a few so you will be in very safe hands.

Your expert chef will first conduct a cookery demonstration and cook a few of the dishes that will be on offer. The group may learn anything from preparing fish to making their own bread!

Once the demonstration is over, the group will then be split into teams, with one team cooking another teams meal! Each team will be responsible for every aspect of the meal from the fine details on the table, to delivering hot food to order.

The teams can decide to create the dish which our chef has demonstrated or let their creative side go!  Naturally, our chefs will be on hand to assist and help with creative ideas.

To conclude this culinary experience and in true “come Dine With me” style, each team will score the other team’s efforts, before the results are announced and any comments made about the meal are read out over coffee!

Strictly Come Dining lasts for between 3-4 hours depending upon the requirements of your group.

Our expert chefs and crew will guide you through the event from start to finish and will be on hand throughout to answer any questions the delegates may have and to ensure everything is running smoothly.

This event can be run absolutely anywhere and come complete with mobile cooking stations, pots, pans, utensils, and even a kitchen sink so there is no need to have access to a kitchen!

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