The Haka

Join our Maori Masters in learning the traditional Haka. For centuries, the Haka has been used to unite people to face their challenges head-on with a positive mental attitude and is as powerful today as it has ever been! The Haka is the tribal ritual dance performed by the Maori people of Aotearoa, more commonly known as New Zealand.  There are many types of Haka used for a variety of tribal occasions.  The Ka Mate Haka (which we will focus on during your event) is classified as a Haka Taparahi, which is a ceremonial Haka and was composed by a chief named Te Rauparaha in the 1820s.

The Ka Mate Haka (made famous by the New Zealand All Blacks) acts as a powerful group activity, whether it is used for team building or as a conference/meeting energiser. It brings people together and provides a powerful shared experience.

As the doors shut behind the last guests, the music (which has been playing quietly in the background) is increased in volume, signifying the start of the session.

Suddenly…silence. Then, our team of traditional Maori warriors storm into the room.  The roar of ‘the call’ made by the lead tribesman gives our team their cue to storm the stage. The team perform the Haka to the delight and surprise of your guests.

Within moments of our team finishing, everyone will be on their feet, as we prepare to take them on a whirlwind journey where they will learn and perform the Haka as one unified team.

The Haka masters first explain the enthralling story behind the Haka which includes fantastic analogies of change, leadership and, of course, tribal motivation.

Once the traditional words are recanted by everyone, all the physical moves are then learnt.  Each action corresponds to a part of the story and, in the learning, there are hands, legs and wiggling fingers to perfect together as a group.  This is obviously fun but highlights team intention and focus.

Building towards a powerful final performance, the group will go head-to-head in a bit of healthy tribal competition.  Then the battle for tribal supremacy is on as we come together as one tribe for the ultimate Haka finale!

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