The Italian Job

If you are looking for a team building activity which offers oodles of wow factor then look no further. Imagine being part of the famous film. Your challenge…to retrieve the stolen gold bullion in some seriously cool cars. Well, here we have the modern-day version.When your team comes out of the office, or out of the offsite meeting room, they will be met by a line-up of branded minis, waiting to embark on a mini adventure!  This element of surprise, together with your company or product branding on the minis gets your event off to an exciting start.

Your team is given the information and equipment you need to retrieve as much gold from around the countryside as you can. This starter kit normally includes Ordnance Survey maps, handheld Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and a team pack of information with riddles and photographic clues.

Other information, equipment and clues are hidden in your team mini and out in the countryside to gather on your adventure.

It’s up to each team to plan your route to various mystery locations around the countryside where the “gold bullion” is stashed. At each destination a different challenge – professionally co-ordinated by us – awaits your team.

You will only get your hands on the gold if your team is able to complete the challenge at each destination.

The team with the most gold at the final weigh-in is the winner. The thrill of driving the latest classic minis around the countryside leaves your teams on a fantastic high, with an adventure that tells a unique tale of teamwork.

Apart from the excitement of driving a classic car, teams have to plan, co-ordinate and work together to make progress. Before your team goes anywhere in the car it’s important that you’ve worked out where you’re heading.

This is a fantastic analogy to teamwork in business. Your team vision needs to be clear for you to be able to work towards a shared goal.

Once you know where you’re going you can head in the right direction. Then your team faces challenges en route. It is completing these challenges together that unites your team and it’s arriving at your final destination that gives your team a feeling of euphoria!

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