Do you have the nerve, determination, and skill required to complete the challenges that will face you during this Quboid team building activity? Quboid is one of our most popular events and challenges teams and individuals to complete a series of nerve-jangling tasks under pressure and against the clock!

Will You Beat Our Cunning Quboid?

Split into teams of around 6 people, your group will face approximately 10 different challenges during Quboid. Each challenge or task begins with a short practice session where teams have the opportunity to get to grips with the task that faces them inside the arena. Once the practice session is over, it’s time for the teams to make a live attempt inside our Quboid!

The giant, inflatable arena, complete with atmospheric lighting really adds to the pressure as guests enter, ready to take on their challenge. Once a team or individual enters, they will have three attempts to complete the challenge successfully. If they complete the task on the first attempt, their team will be awarded 20,000 points, reducing to a measly 5,000 points if it takes them all three attempts. Beware though, if, after three attempts your team has failed to complete the task, the points will be distributed amongst the other teams!

Team and Individual Challenges

During this event, teams will face both team and individual challenges. For individual tasks, teams must select the person from their team that has shown the most skill during the practice session, to enter the arena and complete the ‘live’ challenge. Team challenges, on the other hand, are completed by the entire team and will require everyone to complete the task together.

This team building activity is a superb indoor event that everyone will love. All of the guests will be active and engaged throughout the activity – there is no standing around or twiddling thumbs. The challenges and tasks have been designed to be suitable for everyone and are fun, varied, and challenging.

Quboid is one of out top corporate team building event ideas and is brilliant fun!

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