The Torn Identity

The Chief Investigating Officer reveals some shocking news: you have a Mole in your organisation and only through the solving of a series of challenges will you gain enough information to identify him or her!

Your team is tasked with cracking their way through a number of riddles, cryptic clues and compelling challenges. For each task successfully completed another piece of information will be awarded to your team. As the event proceeds you’ll gather enough intelligence to begin eliminating suspects.  Every team starts off with a crime scene investigation briefcase containing the intriguing tools needed for the task ahead: a UV light, dictaphone and a dossier of instructions.

Each of the challenges last in the region of 20-30 minutes and take place all around the venue, be it in syndicate rooms or out on the lawns or gardens.

Each covert investigation will test a different faculty of your team. You can expect to be challenged in the following areas: communication skills, analytical skills, logic for solving both mental and physical problems, strategy and creativity.

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